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Rafael Nodal

Kiss-My-Ash-RadioThis week on Kiss My Ash Radio we welcome Rafael Nodal, Owner of Boutique Blends Cigars. Listen in as we talk to Rafael about how his career in the tobacco industry came to fruition.

Special Guest

Glynn Loope

Kiss-My-Ash-RadioDon’t miss this very special guest, Glynn Loope, President of the CRA. The FDA has it’s barrels down the throat of the cigar community. Find out what you NEED to do to get involved and save this industry from destruction.

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The Xikar prize of the day 009 Pull-Out Punch a $42 value. And HumiStore Crystal 100 Humidifier. Call 877-960-9960 when you hear the Xikar 'click'

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Spencer McG from Emilio Cigars is our Maker. Social media word of the day is"ARREST" presented by Recluse Cigar. Dave Pounder former pornographer joins the show. Jon David from ToastedFoot and Adam Burns law enforcement officer with 26 years with Broward Sheriff's office.

Jul 25th 1:29pm • 2 Comments

Tomorrow's broadcast will be a BEST OF segment and will not be a LIVE show. Hope you all have a great weekend and we'll see you next week, after the IPCPR show!

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This week we have an episode of The Best of KMA! Listen in as we take a trip back in time to re-live some of the funniest and best moments in KMA history!

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