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Eddie Ortega

Kiss-My-Ash-RadioThis week, KMA radio welcomes Eddie Ortega of Ortega Cigars! Join us a we trace Eddie’s beginnings with Puros Indios to his partnership in EO Brands, to his NEW venture that’s taking the cigar world by storm!

Special Guest

Steve Williams

Kiss-My-Ash-RadioAn expert in relationships of all stages from the single life to the married life and all points in between, Steve teaches men and women how to unplug themselves from the dating matrix of TV, Radio, and magazines.

Special Guests

Stogie TV

Kiss-My-Ash-RadioStogie TV, the Show that features the World of Cigars will be here live filming Kiss My Ash Radio this Saturday at the World Famous Casa De Montecristo in Boynton Beach!

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Recluse Cigar is giving away a cigar pack. Best part? It's easy to win listen during the 11am segment and give your opinion and win!!! Call 877-960-9960

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Erik Espinosa of Espinosa Cigars on Kiss My Ash Radio

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