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Kevin Gale

Kiss-My-Ash-RadioThis Saturday the KMA crew welcomes Kevin Gale, Editor in Cheif of the South Florida Business & Wealth Journal. Tune in Saturday as we learn more about Kevin and his work with The South Florida Business & Wealth Journal.

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cigar-blogListen in this week as the KMA crew welcomes Mark Hall, author of “The Cigar Blue Print” and founder of tobaccoevents.com.

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TUNE IN to THIS Saturday's Kiss My Ash Radio show as we welcome BACK our Dummy Dialer's segment with a SPECIAL 4 part CIGAR Dummy Dialer that you'll NEVER forget! You don't want to miss this call!!! If you're not familiar with Dummy Dialers, click on the link and listen to this EPIC call with a well-known manufacturer....

Bob NEEDS Liga

You would never believe the stupid calls a cigar shop gets. Everything from bath salts and potpourri to fake urine, we have heard it all. Listen in as we get...

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Make sure to sign up for YOUR chance at winning a $100 gift card for Smoke Inn Cigars! Season 3 begins SOON....

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Season 2 is Over! Season 2 of Fantasy Fumare has come to a close and it was a great season! We would like to congratulate Cigar Fishery of Boca Raton, FL for winning this season! Our next season is coming up fast, so sign up in the form below to join season 3 and we …

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